Our Story

“My failures in life teach me more than success ever will and I realize this is all a part of my story.”  

                                                         -Nicholas “Nick” Harris


 Humble Takeover was established, in 2019, as a platform to tell your story to the world and empower generations.

 In 2018, I was stagnant and I was witnessing my life passing me by. It was during this season of my life that I learned how to face my endeavors with: faith, prayer, self-empowerment and humility. I owned my weaknesses, picked myself out of complacency and realized that I was  experiencing my own Humble Takeover.   

In December of 2018, I made it my purpose to tell my story and spread my message to the world by establishing this lifestyle apparel brand. 

I wanted people to know that despite of what you go through, you can Believe in your purpose, Achieve the unimaginable and Conquer the world. 

Humble Takeover is your story.

Our Lifestyle Apparel is designed to empower you to Live Humble through both your success and failure, Write your own story, and Conquer every chapter of your life. 

My vision for the brand is to build a family of Believers and Achievers that conquer their goals daily and tell their story along the way to empower the next generation. 

Welcome to our Family. 



 Nicholas “Nick” Harris

 CEO / Founder