Project Humble Takeover

In an effort to uplift graduating high school seniors, Humble Takeover has launched #ProjectHumbleTakeover

Humble Takeover is a lifestyle brand that tells your story, empowers individuals to Live Humble though success and failure, Write their own story and Conquer the world.

This mission of #ProjectHumbleTakeover is to gift and empower high school seniors with a positive message, from our Lifestyle-Apparel, as they transition in the world as future leaders. Each senior will receive a gift that includes our black Lifestyle Tee and a personal message card of encouragement from you, the donor. Once your order is placed an email will be sent to retrieve your personal message for the donor card.  Proceeds from our initiative will fund scholarships for students attending The Southern University and A&M College. Please, select from the featured gift packages below, shipping and tax is included in your purchase. There is no limit on your purchase. 
Thank you again for your support of our future generation. It means the world.
Live Humble and Conquer the World. 

Nicholas "Nick" Harris

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