Meet Jamaura Tolliver | #WomenConqueringMotherhood

Meet Jamaura Tolliver | #WomenConqueringMotherhood

Jamaura you are a mother 365 days a year and one day is not enough to give your true recognition. Although one post could not tell your full story, we are glad to be able to highlight a few of your Great Efforts Mom!

What’s a quote that describes Motherhood to you?

“A Mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible” -Marion C. Garretty.”

Jamaura, your Humble Takeover is your story. How has Motherhood impacted your life and your story? 

 I have become even more motivated to accomplish my goals and dreams. I am currently on my journey towards earning a second degree as a nursing major at the Southern University and A&M College School of Nursing.

What lessons have you learned from being a Mother?
Being a full time student while balancing my motherhood responsibilities has taught me so much patience and time management. 

What advice would you offer other mothers who are writing their own stories while balancing motherhood?
Stick to your truth. Embrace your failures as you learn, the greatest lessons come from failure. You don’t know who may be inspired by your story.

Who are other mothers writing their story and #ConqueringMotherhood? 







Experience Her Story: 

Instagram: @__mauraa

Jamaura, thank you for your support of the Humble Takeover Brand and also your participation in our Mother’s Day Campaign. Welcome to the Humble Takeover Family.

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