Meet Anna Batiste, LPC | #WomenConqueringMotherhood

Meet Anna Batiste, LPC | #WomenConqueringMotherhood

Anna, you are a mother 365 days a year and one day is not enough to give you true recognition. Although one post could not tell your whole story, we are glad to highlight a few of your Great efforts Mom!

What’s a quote that describes Motherhood to you? 

“Mothers are the soil of humanity, to which God has entrusted the nourishment and support of His little ones.” -Me

Anna, your Humble Takeover is your story. How has Motherhood impacted your life and your story? 

Motherhood has been the most eye-opening mirror ever. At times, I look at my daughters and see myself; my humor, shyness, curiosity, kindness, sassiness, femininity, fear, limited beliefs, etc. other times, I look at them and see someone so much bigger than me; fearless, unlimited, wildly imaginative goddesses. 

 What lessons have you learned from being a Mother? 

 I caught on to how easily my own limitations could be projected onto my girls, and realized I couldn’t coach or push them to assert themselves if they were not seeing me do the same. I had a choice to make. Either I would commit to challenge and growth, expanding what my girls could believe as possible for themselves, or settle into comfort and fear, affirming for them a limited life and potential.

What advice would you offer other mothers who are writing their own stories while balancing motherhood? 

So for other mothers, I would advise you to run for, chase after, and tackle your dreams. Your children will mimic you. Talk to your kids and explain what challenges you’re working to overcome. You’ll grow their emotional intelligence and teach them it’s okay to express difficulty and vulnerability in constructive ways. You’ll also open the door for them to share what challenges they may be facing. Be open to the wisdom of your children. They aren’t as tainted by social constructs and can often cut right through the bs. Lastly, give yourself a little grace. Sometimes this gig is like learning to swim while also trying to stay afloat. None of us will be perfect, but as we know better, we must do better. 

Who are other mothers writing their story and #ConqueringMotherhood? 






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Anna, thank you for your support of the HumbleTakeover Brand and also your participation in our Mother’s Day Campaign. Continue to be the light for your girls, family and the world. #conquertheworldmom 

Welcome to the Humble Takeover Family!


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