Meet Kendell McFarland | Entrepreneur and Owner of Red House of Sock

Meet Kendell McFarland | Entrepreneur and Owner of Red House of Sock


What’s a quote that fuels your passion?         

A quote that fuels my passion is “People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.”- James Baldwin. To me that quote is deep because it symbolizes how history is made in all forms of life, especially the Black community. History can be made in all sizes, shapes and colors but it means more when you're Black because it’s a different feeling especially if you are trying to make history with a purpose or with clarity!


Kendell, your Humble Takeover is your story. Tell the family where you started and how you got to where you are today. 

My name is Kendell McFarland who is a proud father of Zoey McFarland first and foremost. I am a man who is humble and I'm from New Orleans,LA. I graduated with a bachelor's degree from The Southern University A&M College in Marketing. I have a brand that I have built alongside my brother Patrick by the name of Red House of Socks. Red House of Socks is a clothing brand that sells socks, t-shirts, hoodies, accessories and more. Also, it is a brand that promotes and shares positivity. Our brand isn’t all about just collecting funds because it's deeper than that for us. It’s a brand that loves to give back to the community and shows all walks of life that they can do it too. We are not at our highest peak of business but we put in work daily to go after what we believe in. Red House of Socks is the future and a way of spreading love all over the globe.” 

 Which chapter in your story inspired your current venture?

I started coming up with different ideas when I was in my dorm room at Southern University. As crazy as it sounds, while talking to myself, I asked myself  “What do I want to do in the next 10 years?” College didn’t  last forever and I wanted to make sure that I didn’t just end up working a 9 to 5 and not follow my dreams. Although I work for a  corporation currently, it gets frustrating at times. My dreams will always be a part of what I'm doing and I will go after that until I work for myself wholeheartedly. I have a long journey to go, but my daughter is the reason I’ve progressed so much in life thus far. The moment she was born I knew I had to do things differently and she sparked every fuel of my fire. To understand your purpose is a beautiful thing of life and the energy I receive from looking into my child’s eyes is that fuel to fulfill my purpose”


 What keeps you Humble through your success and failure in Life? 

What keeps me humble through the success and failure is knowing that I still have faith and that I will always remain a humble person no matter what. I’m not big on ego and feel that it shouldn’t be expressed to get what you want. You get what you deserve in this thing called life and that’s more important than anything. Being humble to me is knowing how your journey made you a better person through every up and down that was set in your life to make you not only a better person but a person who knows why they are here on this earth.


What advice would you offer our family who is writing their own story? 

“Never give up on what you are doing because you have to question yourself “Why did you start”? Also, never be afraid to ask questions and find your way even if the stairs are a part of the process. Always be you and never let the world define who you are through your journey.


 Do you have any upcoming events or projects you would like to share? 

“Be on the lookout for our new merch dropping soon that will feature  a collection of things for both the female and male demographic!”


We’d love to hear more stories, please suggest 5 other persons writing their own story and Conquering the World. 

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Contact Info:

  • Website:
  • Instagram: rhosofficial/ king_r3dd
  • Facebook: Kendell McFarland
  • Other Social Platforms: Twitter: @redhouseofsocks
  • Image Credit: (Instagram: inf6mous/ Instagram: lenzlootr


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