Meet Million Dollar Meagan | Quit Her  Engineering Job to Become a Full-time Entrepreneur of Skin Care

Meet Million Dollar Meagan | Quit Her Engineering Job to Become a Full-time Entrepreneur of Skin Care

"It's a great day to get your sh*t together. Everybody knows that life gets when YOU get better." This is inspired by the great Jim Rohn. Personal and professional development is the key to success, happiness, joy and is a major driver of what you accomplish and you will get through some of the pain that life brings.


Meagan, your Humble Takeover is your story. Although one post could not tell your whole story, we are glad to highlight a few of your Great efforts.Tell the family where you started and how you got to where you are today.

My name is Meagan Gauthier aka Million Dollar Meagan and as of April 29th 2020 I am now a full-time entrepreneur. I am the proud owner of Get Flawless Skin which is the best place to buy skincare and wear self-confidence. I quit my job as a project engineer because I know that my personal purpose involves inspiring people to take care of themselves, their skin and to lead by example in living the hashtag #AuthenticityAlwaysWins.

 Which chapter in your story inspired you to start your skin care company? 

 I started
Get Flawless Skin the summer after graduation in 2016 which made it feel more like a hobby because I was a newly graduated mechanical engineer. However after 3 years of putting on a facade and being a completely different person at work, pretending to care about what I felt like was "Unrelatable thank God it's Friday mentality types of conversations that sucked the life out of me", made me decide to resign and be my own boss. No one should live a life and work or do anything that makes them unhappy. That is no way to live.

Burying my father at 27 years old was the most life-changing experience of my life. I feel like he is now living through me which is where my new fearlessness comes from and I plan on continuing to make him proud until the day I take my last breath.

Get Flawless Skin started because I have always had a passion to take care of myself so why not teach others to do the same and be unapologetically and authentically themselves? It just made sense. Get Flawless Skin has two main collections: a dry/normal/sensitive skin collection as well as an oily/acne-prone/dark mark collection. Each collection currently features a cleanser, exfoliant, and serum. 


 What keeps you Humble through your success and failure in Life? 

Keeping in mind the fact that failure is inevitable and EMBRACING it is how you get to SUCCESS faster. Not being fearful of failure is how all successful people remain successful. Kobe said it best: "If you're afraid to fail then you're probably going to fail."

 What advice would you offer our family who is writing their own story? 

Figure out why you're writing your story. Reprogram your mind to be able to see the positive in everything. Watch, listen, and consume all information that inspires you. Don't be afraid to fail. Fail fast and fail forward. Hang around people that are doing better than you, so that you can always stay on your toes. Don't compare yourself to others, this is YOUR journey and there is nowhere to google or search for what it will look like. You have to write it yourself. Your journey is a very personal experience and you need to develop a hell of a mind to stay out of your own head when shit gets hard, or seems impossible, and PLEASE believe and expect that shit WILL get hard and it will only SEEM impossible. Just go for whatever you want because you don't want to die and have the final thoughts of all the things you "should-have" or "could-have" done. Don't take life too seriously because no one is going to make it out alive lol.

Learn to celebrate when you make progress because this "success" journey is just that “A JOURNEY” and you will work at it until you figure out how to automate it but even then you will still have to work to stay on top and maintain whatever it is you define as success. Once you get to a certain level people will come for your spot and you're not just going to let them take it right?

The answer to that question has everything to do with your personal development.

 Do you have any upcoming events or projects you would like to share? 

Any upcoming events, promotions or sales will be posted on our social media. Be sure to follow  our Instagram and please subscribe to the email list on the website in order to stay in touch and be the first to know all things Get Flawless Skin. If you are reading this and are looking forward to trying the products (which we know you will love) use code: HUMBLETAKEOVER5 for 5% off your first order.

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