Meet Dr. Nicole Thomas, DNP, RN, CCM | Award-Winning Nurse Leader

Meet Dr. Nicole Thomas, DNP, RN, CCM | Award-Winning Nurse Leader

What’s a quote that fuels your passion?

          "A goal without a plan is a hallucination!” This quote keeps me grounded to know that I can have my goals, dreams, and aspirations, but I have to develop a plan in order  for them to come into fruition.  


Dr. Thomas, your Humble Takeover is your story. Tell the family where you started and how you got to where you are today.

I attended nursing school at Southern University and A&M College in 2001. In 2006, I started my career after graduating and becoming a registered nurse. This is when my life started. I have gotten where I am today by my life’s journey. The mistakes and decisions that I have made, whether good or bad, taught me a lesson through my journey. Also, I utilize my inner self to understand who I, Nicole, am as a person and to help me get me to where I am today. I toot at the beat of my own drum. I do things my way that is ordained and destined for Nicole. 

Which chapter in your story inspired your current venture?

The chapter of my story where I did not like my life has inspired my current venture. While working in nursing I was not in a good place nor head space. I was making very good money as a nurse, and had the career of a lifetime that others would dream of but I felt my purpose was not being fulfilled. I utilized this chapter in life to inspire me to begin a journey of helping other health care professionals truly understand what their role is as a nurse, professional, and even as a human being to ensure they are paid for what they are worth. 

What keeps you Humble through your success and failure in Life? 

Knowing that success and failure are both temporary truly keeps me humble. I know at the flip of a dime things can change. It humbles me to know that I have to continue to get up every single day and work as if I failed or did not succeed yesterday. Also, knowing that it is not about me keeps me humble. I am a very intuitive person but I have not always been this way. A lot of heartbreak and heartache forced me to go deep into myself and get to know myself. Through that I have been able to understand I am here to serve and serve and others. These things keep me humble through both my success and failure. 

What advice would you offer our family who is writing their own story? 

Own it! Own your story. Own the good, the bad, and the ugly. Learn what you are supposed to learn through your story. Know that chapters are not the end, they are always to be continued. Own whatever chapter that you are in and plan how you want to navigate the next chapter. You are the author and you have the authority to rewrite the whole damn book however you want to and that means every chapter inside the book. Stay the course, continue to move forward, and your story will be whatever you allow it to be. 

Do you have any upcoming events or projects you would like to share? 

I have some amazing projects coming up! We are waiting to see how COVID-19 will transpire but we want to bring back the Nurses Power Brunch in Miami and New Orleans during the Essence Festival in 2021. I am currently being slated to be in San Diego for the Premier Healthcare Traveler Nurses Takeover in April of 2021. My first major course called Concept to Creation is releasing soon. Concept to Creation is  a workshop that I have hosted previously live in person, alongside my business partner Katie Duke, but is now placed digitally. I have an amazing Christmas project coming up as well through the Nurses Power Network, which I co-founded, to help my fellow nurses build, increase, and sustain their asset value aka getting paid what they are worth as nurses. 


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