Meet Ariel Glaze, LPC and Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger

Meet Ariel Glaze, LPC and Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger

What’s a quote that fuels your passion?         

"When you live from your heart, your intentions and actions display your potential." 

My therapist told me this a while back, and I think about it time and time again, a reminder for me to do everything with intention, lead with love, and my actions will follow through with everything I've set out to do.


Ariel, your Humble Takeover is your story. Although one post could not tell your whole story, we are glad to highlight a few of your Great efforts. Tell the family where you started and how you got to where you are today. 

I started off with just a dream, and a hobby years ago. I was in school to be a broadcast journalist when I started volunteering at a crisis center, which changed my life. I took a leap to change my major junior year of undergrad, to become a counselor. While in graduate school, I started using social media as an outlet for makeup, beauty, inspirational videos, and it's grown to heights I never imagined I would reach. After graduating from grad school as a counselor, I took another leap to move to Houston all on my own and expand my career.


Which chapter in your story inspired your current venture?

I think my most prominent chapter was changing from journalism to counseling in undergrad. That was the first time I let my passion lead the way, and focused on what was best for not only myself but what would benefit humanity, and how I could pay it forward. When I become anxious or worried about my next steps, I remind myself that a huge leap of faith almost ten years ago changed my life for the better, and to focus on faith and living from my heart.


 What keeps you Humble through your success and failure in Life? 

Recognizing that what I strive to continue growing in, is so much bigger than me keeps me humble. My pride cannot be bigger than my God, my journey, or my faith and my heart, and I know it isn't. This success did not come on its own, these failures did not come on their own.. it's all God given. I practice gratitude through everything I do. I can't be thankful for the successes and not the failures if I intend on being grateful for everything in life. It all is a lesson.


 What advice would you offer our family who is writing their own story? 

The advice I would provide is to identify your why, your niche, and support system to lean on when things get difficult. Remind yourself of the small steps it takes toward getting to the bigger picture, develop a deeper connection with your story, and trust yourself to get through anything that comes your way. If you are truly dedicated to it, your obstacles will become your best friends. Challenges will be a cake walk. Everything has a purpose and a reason in life, and it's all to make you stronger. Don't give up!


 Do you have any upcoming events or projects you would like to share? 

I am moving to private practice full time as an LPC within the next 30 days! I will be accepting clients full time beginning September 8th.


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